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David Rhoades
2 min readMar 14, 2024
Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

I have a diverse pool of interests and enjoy experimenting with form, so I write in numerous different-but-related topics and genres.

Some people find it necessary to fit themselves into a particular subject area or niche. I’ve tried that, and after years of letting it kill my joy (and every blog I’ve ever had), I’m just…not gonna worry about that anymore.

So instead of contorting myself into a narrow space to “build my brand,” I organized all my writing by topic. If you followed me for a particular kind of writing I do, all my work in a given area is in the lists below or in my profile.


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Working with ADHD

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Reflections on Craft & Storytelling

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Personal Essay & Memoir

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Saw this guy waiting under the lights for a good while around 11 PM — even after a bus had come through. || Photo by author
A U-Haul truck off the side of a highway facing the viewer.

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David Rhoades

Working class writer, editor, and photographer. Journalist for Socialist Alternative. Writes essays, horror, and science fiction.